Jenny Shain, Artist who Creates Only from Her Heart


Grover Sat Night Fever Some people say they are “bringing sexy back,” but Grover isn’t stopping at sexy. He’s Bringing Cookies Back! and it is going to make elmo FAT. SO fat that elmo gets kicked off the show. AND Grover (not this Grover) is bringing back a lifetime supply of COOKIES to Cookie Monster. The poor thing’s been subjected to RICE CAKES PEOPLE!!! (*hangs head in utter disgust*) That’s a disgrace to the Muppets! Jim Henson would be rolling over in his grave. They ought to be ASHAMED! No body made Oscar the Grouch stop eating garbage. And that filthy negative attitude he’s got… THAT’S WAAAAY more dangerous than cookies. You could get cancer from that kind of negativity. Oh, & you’ll LOVE this quote from their website: “Today is Cookie’s birthday. Like a true Scorpio, he is obsessive…” So NOW their teaching our kids about astrology? THANKS! ‘A’ is for astrology that’s good enough for me! GREAT!You know who should’ve been kicked off the show- “Forgetful Jones.” Who’s bright idea was THAT character? Probably the SAME BRIGHT person who decided that elmo would take Grover’s place. And where’s Grover’s Cape & Helmet? Man, I’d give my last donut to have that costume… can you IMAGINE what I could get for that on Ebay?

All that to say, you just watch people, Grover’s Bringin It Back… with a vengeance. Anyway, isn’t it a sacrilege to call it “elmo’s world?” Oh, what a terrible vengeance. And he is doing away with that horrendous “lalalalalala” song too. GROVER, BRING IT ON- Near aaaaaand FAAAAAAAAR!


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