Jenny Shain, Artist who Creates Only from Her Heart

Weird Things People Do In the Bathroom

Make a Hiney Hider.

Ask You for Change.


Write notes on the walls.
Bump other’s shoes.

Grab Other’s Shoes or Ankles.

Pee on Your Shoe.

Pee on Other’s shoes.

Pee on the Floor.

Scared Peter syndrome.

Leave strange hairs on the seat.

Do a Karate Kick Flush.

Wipe off Crack Sweat.

In Japan: Heat the Seat,

Wash the Seat.

In Ukraine: Hover, Stand on the seat, Squat, & Hope You Don’t Have Overalls on.

Jump when Your Balls Hit the Rim.

Poop in the Stand Up. Use Whatever’s Available. Be Resourceful.

Pee in the shower.

Dig a Hole to Make Your Own “Bathroom,” But never make it to 6 inches.

Scoop Poop so you Can Poop. (got to love third world countries)

Wash Socks & Undies in the Shower.

Or Turn Your Undies Inside Out for Optimum Undie Performance.

What’s the weirdest bathroom experience you’ve had?


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