Jenny Shain, Artist who Creates Only from Her Heart

“You’ve Got to Move it Move it!”


While we were in Odessa, Ukraine in July, I couldn’t pass up holding a Lemur! I wonder if he left his “crown” at home? : ) He probably dropped it when he was dancing & “moving” it. pk_madagascar_lemurs.jpg

  • That’s okay, I’ve got a bigger crown! It’s got a gecko on it. Look at it shake! Go, Stevie, go!
  • The fossa. They’re always annoying us by trespassing, interrupting our parties… and ripping our limbs off.
  • If he is a king, then where is his crown? I’ve got a crown, I’ve got a very nice one, and it’s here on my head. [To Maurice] Have I got it on?
  • They are just a bunch of panzies. Come come everybody! Let’s go and meet the panzies! Ahaha!

(Quotes from Madagascar’s favorite lemur)


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