Jenny Shain, Artist who Creates Only from Her Heart

St. Louis Top Ten!

What Does St. Louis Mean to You?
My Top 10 STLs:

1. The Cathedral Basilica: Life Size Mosaic Deer!- you GOTTA LOVE that! 41.5 million peices of mosaic glass can’t be wrong!

2. Forest Park: Muny, Boat House, Art Museum, Sledding down Art Hill, Paddle boating under the bridge, the bike trails, America’s largest urban park! Site of the 1904 World’s Fair…WOW! What a Park!

3. The Fox Theatre (You’ve Got to SEE it to Believe it!)

4. Top of the River Restaurant:
360 degree view of STL… the Arch, Busch Stadium, the Courthouse, the Cathedral, the River- & the food is Deeeelish!… It can’t be beat!

5. Truffles restaurant

6. The City Museum (HOW did they do it??)

7. New City Fellowship

8. Tower Grove Park

9. Grand Hall at Union Station

10. The Butterfly House (A Heavenly Day!)

(Why limit our great city…)

11. Six Flag’s Hurricane Harbor’s “Tornado”- I rode it SIX times today! If you go, make sure you ride with some fatties, you’ll go a lot higher!

12. The Arch…. Saida would agree (check out our photo shoot! There’s nothing like a Somali and an Arch!)


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