Jenny Shain, Artist who Creates Only from Her Heart

Killing Me Softly with my Mosaics…”Water & Sky” by Jenny Shain

Yeah, it almost killed me...2000 pieces hand cut for one table. But, it’s GORGEOUS.

((Did I mention the stitches I got at the ER at 2am?, told ya it almost killed me))

“What is it sista?,” you ask. Deep in your heart, You Know…

It’s a mosaic of the Bermuda pink sand resting near the green flora seen at the bottom. This light pink glass sits against the white pearly glass “shells.” It then moves to light blue glass which is the surf, as it crashes into seafoam, the cut mirror. This reflects the light on the ocean. (Did I mention how impossible mirror is to cut?) The ocean gets deeper & so do the colors. You know when you stand on the shore & look to the horizon the water colors are deep & then it looks like it simply drops off? That’s what happens in my mosaic. This gives way to the sunset. It’s about 6pm in Bermuda & the sky is aglow with pinks, purples, & blues.

“Water & Sky”
Mosaic Art by Jenny Fox Shain

“Redemptive Art, Redeeming Dreams

Specializing in Shabby Chic & Beach Cottage Mosaics, Photos, & Decorating.

Published on by Jenny Shain

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One response

  1. jennyfs

    As all of my art, this is a piece that I designed out of my heart. I wanted to make sure it had no straight lines. Each color & piece of glass is hand chosen for that specific place in the art. This takes much time & effort. It is a slow process that often makes my head feel like it’s going to fly off it’s neck! But the end is always Fabulous šŸ™‚
    This work of art took me at least 3 months to complete. A piece such as this will run about $3,000.

    February 3, 2010 at 4:45 am

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