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Hall of Fame, Jenny Shain Photography

“Hall of Fame” by Jenny Fox Shain, Photographer & Life Coach

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“The Showplace of the South,” The Alabama Theatre Series, by Jenny Shain

“The Showplace of the South”


This place is so special & it’s probably one of my most favorite places. All of my family members have memories here. We love what it means to us.

Photography by Artist & Life Coach Jenny Fox Shain

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Alabama Theatre Series, “The Mighty Wurlitzer”

“The Mighty Wurlitzer”

Photography by Jenny Shain

The Might Wurlitzer, also known as “Big Bertha” is the only gold leafed Wurlitzer of it’s kind. Installed in 1927 for the opening of the “Showplace of The South,” this tremendous antique instrument can be seen and heard at The Alabama Theatre.

It’s design included eight sets of percussion, complete sound effects for silent films, and now has been expanded to blow 2,008 pipes! *Secret: many of which are hidden behind the theatre’s right curtain!*

The Alabama Theatre was titled “The State Historical Theatre” in 1993 and has undergone an incredible floor to ceiling restoration that included cleaning or replacing the vast areas of gold leaf paint.

For me, the Alabama Theatre will always hold a very special place in my heart. It reminds me of the good ole days, leaning over the balcony watching “White Christmas” with my family. Thinking about my grandad, “Gene,” climbing up the back alley fire escape to watch a movie here when he was a kid, too poor to buy a ticket. And thinking about one day when it was being built in 1927, my great grandmother was giving birth to my Papaw grandfather. I guess as an artist and a musician, it seems like the perfect place too. Showing that the fine arts do matter, that good design, great architecture, history, & family all come together to celebrate life & talent. I think that is really important. Don’t you?

See the Mighty Wurlitzer in action!

1817 Third Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
(205)ALA-BAMA  (205) 252-2262

“The Mighty Wurlitzer”

The Alabama Theatre Series (Click on photo for larger view)

Photography by Artist & Life Coach Jenny Fox Shain

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Alabama Theatre Series: “Golden Glory”

Alabama Theatre Series, “Golden Glory”

Photography by Jenny Shain

The Alabama Theatre Series

“Showplace of the South”

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Birmingham, Alabama

Built in 1927, the year my grandfather was born. This place is almost magical. It’s so beautiful & special that it makes me cry. I know some of you have similar memories. Comment below!

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“Muny Reflections,” Forest Park, St. Louis

Photography by Jenny Shain


Forest Park in St. Louis
The Muny is the place where the World’s Fair was held in 1904 in St. Louis. Hence, “Meet Me in St. Louis.” The Muny is the World’s Largest Outdoor Musical Theatre! The Muny gazebo sits in front as the symbol for the Muny.
The name “The Muny” came years ago when the theatre was named the Municipal Theatre Association of St. Louis. It’s a an incredible place where artists come from all over the nation to create & perform the best musicals ever written!

by Jenny Fox Shain, artist & Life Coach to Christian Women & Artistic People.

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“Monet’s Place” the St. Louis Art Museum

“Monet’s Place” by Jenny Shain
The Saint Louis Art Museum
“Founded in 1879, the museum was relocated to it’s current home in Forest Park for the 1904 World’s Fair. Designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert, the Museum’s Beaux-Arts style building bears the inscription
“Dedicated to Art and Free to All.”

Monet's Place.CR2

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**”Art On the Edge” St. Louis Art Museum**

“Art On the Edge” by Jenny Shain

Art On the Edge.CR2

The Saint Louis Art Museum’s building was designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, also known as “The World’s Fair.” Originally part of the “Palace of Fine Arts,” the Museum was the only building from the Fair designed to be a permanent structure, the “one material monument of the Exposition.” It stands as a reminder of that defining event in the history of St. Louis.

Photography by Jenny Fox Shain

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