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Coastal Chic Stenciling, by Jenny Shain

Coastal Chic Decorating

Hello again my Lovelies! What are you in the mood for today? Let’s talk about a great bathroom project! Have you ever wanted to create your own wallpaper? Try stenciling!

This is a “Royal Design Studio” stencil called Acanthus. I painted it one shade darker than the paint. Then I added accents in silver & another shade of purple. Love it!!! On parallel walls, it’s just perfect.

This is definitely a 2 person job. You’ll need to tape down the stencil after you’ve leveled it off. Then, I used a professional painter’s 4″ roller and off-loaded the roller & paint onto a metal painter’s screen. You’ll need to let the stencil & the painting dry about 20 minutes between each section & use.

Honestly, when I go in this bathroom, I just look up & go-AH! I LOVE this ROOM! It looks like a delicious cup of gelato…yep that’s right, I just want to LICK IT UP! YUM, YUM, YUM! If it’s wrong to lick the walls, I don’t want to be right.

Now go get that stenciling!

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Puerto Morelos Night, by Jenny Shain

Puerto Morelos Night, by Jenny Fox Shain, Photographer & Life Coach

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